The first 64-bit is going to bring HTC Android Phone

HTC’s first 64-bit soon to give smartphone customers. Last weekend, the website has several photos of the new mobile phone. However, the device of the HTC phlagasipa One (M-8) is called, it is not. Lower data indicates the ability to use memory chips. Lower than 3-bit data using the 64-bit data memory capacity of Lower but not twice, 3 times more than the ^. That is, the 3-bit chip is able to use a maximum of four gigabytes of memory byte-ayadresebala, there are able to use more memory than 64-bit chip gigabaiterao 1,600 crore. This is a result of the use of 64-bit chips, mobile phones will be able to use four GB or more of RAM.

KitKat eicatisira 442 handset is supported on Android, which will display 4.7 inch, 480 x 856 pixels resolution, 5 megapixel camera. Incidentally, the first Apple iPhone 5 Come build using 64-bit ARMv8-A chip. The Android operating system uses 64-bit processor, but speculation about the long-term, HTC-E for the first time were able to achieve visible progress.

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Samsung came with the phone to create three-hand display

Tilting the screen of the mobile phone Samsung in April last year to three sets of the fancy display a rich set of patents, it’s likely that they have begun the process of creating. The news media is one of the company’s suppliers partas. Ayapas petente found this set and Settings shortcuts on the screen of the Set, pointed side of Bent. According to the pre-announced Samsung Galaxy Note 4 next month bringing market. This unique display is connected and when the new phone will be a fabulous thing. However, concerns have been heard. Screen is made ​​of plastic materials can not be used because it could be a little jhamelakara. So at the beginning of the screen are used to set the bit. Maybe they only have access to the North Korean buyer. It may be brought to the world. Just as happened in the Galaxy esaphora LTE-A deficiency.

Note, before ratechila rumors that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to create two design-skills other than a conventional curved screen is equal to the tinabhajera displays.

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